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The Support Our Schools committee consists of about 35 volunteers engaged in the task of trying to increase funding to our school district.

It is important to understand that we are pursuing a broad range of possible solutions to the severe budget challenges that our school district faces. It does not necessarily mean that every member of the SOS committee personally endorses every idea or solution that is being presented. We are a diverse and complex group of concerned citizens united by our desire to continue the tradition of a strong public school system for Hamilton and Wenham.

We welcome new volunteers to join our efforts, so feel free to contact any one of the committee chairs in the area that you are interested in lending your time or talents.

View the Subcommittee page where you will find a description of the various subcommittees that have been organized and the name and contact information of the chair of each committee.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact the subcommittee chair, or send an email to the Tri-Chairpersons at [email protected].

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