1. To Avoid Redistricting 45 Elementary School Students from Cutler and Winthrop.
  2. If the override fails, 45 students will be redistricted from Cutler and Winthrop in grades 2-5.

  3. To Keep Our Language Arts Support Programs in the Elementary Schools.
  4. If the override fails, the language arts support programs in the elementary school will be virtually eliminated, putting our most vulnerable readers and struggling readers at risk.

  5. To Keep the Team Structure at the Middle School.
  6. If the override fails, the team structure at the Middle School will be completely eliminated, and our middle school students will be expected to function on a high-school like schedule.

  7. To Enable the High School to Begin Addressing Accreditation Issues.
  8. In 2007, the New England Association of Schools & Colleges reviewed our high school and identified eighteen items of concern. The NEASC letter is important for two reasons: (1) it is an objective, third party, assessment of our school quality; and (2) accreditation is a symbol to the world of the status of our school system. The High School is working with NEASC to prioritize the specific actions they expect us to take, and the FY 2009 budget incorporates the first level of required steps.

  9. To Save Programs and Teachers At the High School.
  10. If the override fails, the District will cut 47 academic sections and 9.2 teachers, including English, math, science, physical education and foreign language teachers. Most high school students will not be fully scheduled. They will spend more time in study halls rather than the classroom.

  11. To Allow Our High School Senior’s to Maintain a Competitive Advantage when Applying to Colleges.
  12. To Keep our Staff Cuts Below 100.
  13. If the override fails, the District will cut 26.9 more full-time equivalent (FTE) staff positions, for a grand total of 102 FTEs since 2002.

  14. To Stop the Growth in Class Size.
  15. Our class size already exceeds district policy, which is based on bench-marked best practices. If the override fails, class size will increase to as many as 25 students a class in the elementary school and to as many as 30 students a class in the middle school. At the high school, there will be as many as 40 students in some classes!

  16. To Maintain our Property Values.
  17. There is a strong correlation between a well-regarded school district and high property values. For many of us, we moved to Hamilton and Wenham for the schools, and our homes are our biggest asset.

  18. For the Children

    For the over 2097 children who need you to provide them with a quality education.

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