Subcommittee List

Subcommittee – Chairperson

Additional Source of Revenue – Nancy Peterson

The Additional Revenue Sources subcommittee’s primary objectives are to identify additional sources of revenue to support the educational programs and operations of the Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District, and to pursue those with greatest potential impact through the necessary community, legal, political, and related processes from concept to implementation.
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Attend Meetings – Kristen Fusco

This committee is for people interested in attending various town meetings (selectmen, finance, and school committees) which have an impact on the school budget process, both to report activities to the larger group and to speak up when appropriate in support of school funding.
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Community Outreach – Laura Stock

This group is working to more effectively communicate the budget issues faced by the schools to all citizens who are involved with or have an interest in maintaining the high quality of our schools. Outreach will be responsible for publicity through local newspapers and other media and in particular will work to reach out to families with young children who are new to the school system.
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Mass Mailings – Amy Landon

The purpose of this committee is to maintain an overall community database to inform citizens of SOS related news and events. We welcome volunteers to help with mass mailings throughout the year.
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Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary – Jeff Hubbard and Whitney Shepard

This committee’s goal is to work cooperatively with Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and the Board of Selectmen to find a financial solution to the burden that Hamilton and Wenham taxpayers bear for the 43 Seminary children that currently attend the schools without funding. The committee is also working toward a long-term plan to address the Seminary’s obligation to the school district going forward.
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Lobby State Government – Tracy Mayor and Charlotte Lidrbauch

The goal of the lobbying subcommittee is to join with other cities and towns to more effectively lobby the state government for more and more-equitable funding.
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Grant Writing – Nancy Hughes

Research and apply for grants as a potential, additional source of revenue.
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Website and Email Fulfillment – Tom Rogers

Manage our website which is a WordPress blog. Manage mass emails sent to our extensive mailing list.
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