Hamilton Wenham was ranked number #9 in Boston Magazine’s September 2011 issue’s list of best public schools in the region. The ranking reflects a variety of criteria, including graduation rate, sports teams, pre-K programs, AP classes and MCAS and SAT performance scores. HWRSD was rated number #12 in the 2010 ranking. Per pupil spending in HW is below average of both the top 10 and top 24 districts (we used the top 24, rather than the top 25 in order to exclude the 25th ranked district, Cambridge Rindge and Latin, which has a unusually high spending level). As in 2010, it is clear that HWRSD is spending at a level that, while slightly above the average of all districts in the state, is less than many other high performing districts.

Comparing HWRSD to Boston Magazine Top Districts

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  1. Before you spend too much time worrying about per-pupil spending, you might find this interesting:


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