New site design!


Have you noticed the new design? I’ve installed a new theme, much like our old website, just updated for modern browsers.

I’ve been moving my client websites to a new cloud based server in New Jersey.  This new server is at least 6 times faster than the old one, and has an advanced system architecture with a self healing fail-over setup (tech talk that means the site will stay online even if a disc crashes on the server).

If you’ve bookmarked the website you may wish to update it, as it now does not include /wordpress. The old address was, now all you need to use is

Looking for a new header photo

I really like the header photo, but it’s got nothing to do with our community. If you have a photo that you’d like to offer, please send it along. I can edit the photo, it just needs to be high resolution, and will eventually be cropped to 960 x 200 pixels.

Tom Rogers


2 Responses to “New site design!”

  1. Tracy says:

    Site looks awesome, Tom! As always. Go Tom Rogers Web Design.

    For a pic, aren’t the two pictures of the high school that rotate on the front of that web site both long and skinny? I think they’re in the same format, or close to. I prefer the summer picture — no more snow, especially not on the roof!

    • hwsos says:

      Hi Tracy, Sorry for the delay, I was just checking my spam (tons), and last up was your comment (not spam!). Thanks for the suggestion. I wouldn’t want to use the same photos as other town/school websites, but it’s a good idea.

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