Hamilton town meeting
This Saturday, May 14, 9 a.m.
High school auditorium
Child care thanks to Girl’s Basketball team

The school budget passed in Wenham by a vote of 127 to 86. A huge thank you to all the residents who took time out from a busy spring afternoon to make their voices heard.

Now it’s Hamilton’s turn. Please make plans to attend town meeting this Saturday and support the school’s budget. We expect the vote to be much closer in Hamilton than it was in Wenham. We will need every voter there.

If the school’s budget passes, we’re done. If it fails, we’re looking at the possibility of more town meetings this spring and possibly into the summer.

Town meeting starts this Saturday at 9 a.m. Follow us on Twitter to track progress: www.twitter.com/hwsos. You can come in late or leave and return if you need to attend to family business.

For background on the budget battle:

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