March 30, 2010
Jack Wilhelm, Chairman
Susan Mehlin
Brett McKechnie
Roger Kuebel
Wenham Finance and Advisory Committee

Dear Committee Members: 
As you are likely already aware, the Hamilton Finance and Advisory Committee voted Monday to recommend a total increase to the FY11 net school budget appropriation of up to 2.5%, contingent upon the School Committee’s vote of the final budget tonight, March 31.

SOS supports the Hamilton committee’s decision and urges your committee to likewise support 2.5%.

We have championed the concept of Fair Share as a logical, repeatable process by which the two towns can reach agreement on appropriate funding of the regional district. The 2.5% supported by Hamilton fincom is not Fair Share, and indeed, the $90,335 delta between 2.5% and Fair Share will directly impact the quality of our children’s school services next year.

However, in the spirit of compromise during a particularly difficult financial year for both towns, SOS views 2.5% as a workable solution that all parties can reasonably agree upon. We ask you in that same spirit of cooperation to adopt this figure in the FY11 budget for the Town of Wenham. 

As always, thank you for your hard work in these challenging times.

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