We’re hearing already that some parents can’t make Hamilton Town Meeting tomorrow morning. It’s understandable — we’re all wrestling with similar conflicts.

But please don’t hit delete and hope everyone else will show up in your place. The last school repair proposal lost by less than 20 votes – was one of those missing votes yours?

As crazy as our kids’ schedules are, each of us needs to go that extra mile and make it to Town Meeting. Let’s not lose this hard-won state funding. Vote Yes for the Cutler HVAC system.

The details:

Hamilton Town Meeting – Tomorrow Morning
When: October 17, 9 A.M.
Where: Winthrop School – NOT the High School

  • You can enter Town Meeting at any time.

  • You can leave and come back if need be.

  • For procedural reasons, there are technically two town meetings being held tomorrow, one right after the other. The boiler vote is the first item in the second meeting.

  • Cutler HVAC vote isn’t expected before 11:30 a.m.

  • Follow us on Twitter to track the meeting in real time: – http://twitter.com/hwsos.

Go here for details on the Cutler heating system project:

Suggestions on how all voters can make it to the meeting:

  • Use our free, on-site child care for all ages

  • Hire a Gordon College student (call 978-927-4281 for
    student employment) or other driving-age babysitter for the day.

  • Ask Wenham parents and coaches for help

  • Tap grandparents, single friends, aunt and uncles

  • Follow us on Twitter to find out when the vote is coming up – http://twitter.com/hwsos.

Vote Yes to fix the Cutler heating system now with best-case funding. Thanks for all you do.

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