We Need Two Yes Votes for Every No Vote
Free, drop-in child care available Saturday morning

Hamilton votes first – This Saturday Morning
When: October 17, 9 A.M.
Where: Winthrop School – NOT the High School

Did you know you can enter Town Meeting at any time? And that you can leave and come back if you must? The Cutler HVAC vote isn’t expected before 10:30 a.m. (though that’s only an estimate). Follow us on Twitter to track the meeting in real time: – http://twitter.com/hwsos.

The story so far:

  • The Cutler boiler is 57 years old, inefficient and in need of major renovation.
  • This is not a Cutler-only issue. If the heating system fails suddenly, the cost and complexity of emergency repairs would affect every student in town.
  • The state has agreed to fund 42.58% of the $1.5 million needed for a comprehensive HVAC system.
  • If we fail to approve a debt exclusion for the remaining cost, we will lose the state funding, most likely forever.
  • A debt exclusion does not permanently increase taxes; it increases taxes only for the term of the debt.
  • The measure must pass by a 2/3rds vote at town meeting in both towns.
  • That means school supporters need to fill the room. How’s that going to happen on a busy, busy Saturday morning?  Some ideas:

    • Take advantage of our free, on-site child care for all ages – several high school and middle school students, plus at least one parent, will be available at Winthrop from 9 a.m. on.
    • Stimulate the local economy – hire a Gordon College student (call 978-927-4281 for student employment) or other driving-age babysitter for the day.
    • Ask Wenham parents and coaches for help – can they pick up or drop off your children? Take them for a play date afterwards? Drop them off at the Winthrop child care?
    • What about local relatives, single friends, aunt and uncles – isn’t it time Nana and Grandpa took in a U8 soccer game?
    • Follow us on Twitter to find out when the vote is coming up – http://twitter.com/hwsos.
      Don’t have an account? It’s free, it takes two minutes to join, and you can choose to have updates sent as text messages to your cell phone.

    Please do what it takes to make it to Town Meeting and vote Yes for the Cutler HVAC system. Let’s not lose this hard-won state funding.

    Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/hwsos

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