Vote Yes to help our district qualify for $652,206 in state funding


The good news:

Last week, the Massachusetts School Building Authority agreed to reimburse HWRSD for 42.58% of the cost of a new heating and ventilation system for the Cutler elementary school. This is fantastic news, a hard-won victory after literally years of work on the part of the district.

The bad news:

We will lose this funding unless two-thirds of the people at special town meetings in Hamilton and Wenham vote to fund the remainder of the project.

Two-thirds means two Yes votes for every No vote. It means you have to show up to Hamilton town meeting, even though it is on a Saturday morning that is already jam-packed with sports, testing and other extracurriculars. And it means all adults in your household have to be there to vote. (If you plan on using our on-site child care, please hit reply now and tell us so.)

The facts:

  • The Cutler heating system is 57 years old, inefficient and in need of major renovation.
  • We can’t replace just the boiler. We need to upgrade the delivery system as well, and the state money does not apply to a "boiler only" project.
  • There is no money in the current school budget for this project. Money in the "E&D" account is already committed for a separate wastewater treatment project at the middle/high school.
  • If we fail to approve a debt exclusion now, it’s extremely unlikely the MSBA will fund this project in the future. What’s more, a No vote will make the MSBA much less inclined to award us funding for any future projects.
  • If we lose this state funding, our towns will have to finance 100% of the project costs, which will be significantly higher than the funding now requested.

Want more details?

Cutler HVAC fact sheet

Cutler HVAV project timeline

Cutler basis of design narrative[2]aa.pdf

Remember, we need two Yes votes for every No vote.

Hamilton votes first – Saturday, October 17
Meeting starts at 9 a.m.
Boiler vote comes up near the end

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