We want to inform you about an opportunity for both Hamilton and Wenham voters to sign petitions to direct the Selectmen to continue investigation into shared police services. All signatures are to be collected by August 1st so please act quickly if you want to participate.Petitions have been developed for each town which:

  • Call for a town meeting in the fall to vote on forming a committee to undertake a study of the costs and benefits to the towns of shared police services.
  • Call for another Town Meeting to be held within 45 days of the first meeting at which this report and its recommendations would be presented and a vote will be called on the question of whether the towns shall share police services going forward.
  • The petition for Hamilton also provides that, during such process, the town’s police force would be managed in a manner that is not inconsistent with the idea of commencing sharing the police services with the Town of Wenham not later than July 1, 2010.

200 signatures of registered voters from each town are required for these petitions to be submitted.  If you are interested in this effort, the petitions are available for signature at 12 Porter Street in Wenham; forms are in a box on the front steps with separate petitions for each town. Thank you.

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