The Joint Budget Conference Committee began meeting Monday, June 1, to attempt to resolve the differences between the House and Senate versions of the state budget.

Three cuts are on the table that will have deep impact to our schools for fiscal year 2010: Chapter 70, Regional Transportation, and the Circuit Breaker. If all three areas are cut as they are currently proposed, here’s what will happen in our district:

  • There will be redistricting in Grades 3, 4 and 5
  • A further 5.3 full-time-equivalent positions will be eliminated – 3.0 in elementary, 1.0 at the Middle School and 1.3 at the High School. This is in addition to the 10.5 positions we have already cut for next year.
  • Class sizes will rise even further: 22-25 students in elementary, 26-28 in Middle School, and 28-30 at the High School.

To prevent these cuts, please email the Joint Conference Committee members today. Tell them, “Our small regional district has already cut 10.5 teaching positions for next year, increased class sizes yet again, and further cut supplies and maintenance. Please prevent a further 5.3 layoffs, class sizes as high as 30 kids per class, and redistricting of our youngest students by preserving Chapter 70; avoiding cuts to regional transportation; and restoring the circuit breaker.”

Here is contact information for the committee members. Please email or call today; the decisions are being made now.

House of Representatives:

Chairman Charley Murphy (D)
[email protected]
Phone 617-722-2990

Vice Chair Barbara L’italien (D)
Rep.BarbaraL’[email protected]
Phone 617-722-2380

Representative deMacedo (R)
[email protected]
Phone: 617-722-2100


Chairman Steven Panagiotakos (D)
Steven.Pan[email protected]
Phone: 617-722-1630

Vice Chair Stephen Brewer (D)
[email protected]
Phone: 617-722-1540

Senator Michael Knapik (R)
[email protected]

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