Town Meeting Monday May 4 and Tuesday May 5
7:30 p.m. High School Auditorium

News from Wenham: The Capital Debt Exclusion to fund school repairs passed yesterday at Town Meeting. John Clemenzi won re-election to his selectman seat with 53% of the vote. Bill Clifford received 30%, and Don Costin received 17%.

Now we need a two-thirds vote – two Yes votes for every No vote – to have the Debt Exclusion pass in Hamilton and move on to the ballot in both towns.

That means we need all registered voters to attend Town Meeting both Monday and Tuesday nights. The Debt Exclusion is Article Number 11. By most estimates, this article will be voted on Monday night. Even if you or your spouse has to arrive late because of child care issues, you can still come and participate.

There also is a petition on the warrant to change Hamilton Town Meeting to a Saturday day. This petition will be voted on Tuesday night, most likely at the beginning of the evening.

For EITHER NIGHT, if you need a babysitter, responsible high-schoolers are standing by! Please email Martha Driscoll at [email protected] and she’ll get back in touch.

Thanks for staying informed, and see you tomorrow night.

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