At last week’s school committee meeting, several policies were voted on:

User fees for sports and extra curricular activities will remain at 100%

Class size policy will officially increase thru 2013 (the hope is this will be temporary)

Preschool 8-10 students
K-5 grades will have 22-24 students
6 -8 grades will have 24-28 students
9-12 grades will have 26-30 students

There will be redistricting at all elementary schools and at all grade levels.

School Choice:

No school choice students will be accepted for grade 6th.
32 choice students will be accepted at the High School

Middle School and High School To Merge:

The School Committee announced that the Middle School and the High School will merge to become one school in the next academic year in order to trim costs. The current principal of the Middle School, Matthew Fox, will be the principal for graces 6 through 12, beginning on July 1st, 2009. (The current High School principal, Robert Krol, is retiring at the end of this year and the search for his replacement has been called off.) The assistant principals for the Middle School (Christy Reynolds) and the High School (Philip Conrad) will take on expanded roles of associate principals in the merged school. The middle school will no longer have a team structure and the Middle School and High School will be on one schedule with one leadership team.

More information:

Click here to view the Hamilton-Wenham Chronicle’s article on the announcement.
Visit the district website to view the FY 10 Budget Information and to read the district statement re: MS/HS Restructuring.

If you have questions, please contact the Superintendent’s office or the School Committee Chairwoman, Laurie Wilson.

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