Monday, February 2 at 7:30 p.m., downstairs at the Community House

Our special guest will be Arthur Oberheim, chairman of the Hamilton Finance Advisory Committee.

Art will describe how town revenue, state funding, and other unique circumstances are likely to have an impact on this year’s school budget. The Hamilton Fincom is in the process of deciding how much money the
town will contribute to the schools for fiscal year 2010. NOW is the time to understand the challenges and express your opinions on school funding.

In February, the Wenham and Hamilton FinComs will inform the School Committee of the town’s contribution to the schools for this year. Please attend the upcoming FinCom meetings in your town to learn more about this process. While these meetings are open, there is not typically an opportunity for public input. However, questions/comments can be submitted to the chair of the committee via e-mail or telephone.

Revenue generation is an ongoing problem in both Hamilton and Wenham. Come help us brainstorm ways to bring more money into our towns —
cell phone towers? advertising on school buses? more grant writing? solar panels?

Let’s hear everyone’s ideas and begin working together to bring some of these projects to completion.

Upcoming important meetings:

Week of February 23: (exact date TBD)

Town finance committees inform the School committee of their contribution UNDER the levy limit.

March 5:

Preliminary FY 2010 Budget presented to the School Committee and the Joint Boards (Selectmen and Town Finance Committees)

For a look at the complete meeting schedule through March, please visit our online calendar at

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