We need bold action, and we need it now

Hi, everyone,

We’re ready to take the next step in trying to protect our school system from drastic budget cuts this year.

We’re encouraged to see that Stand for Children, the statewide advocacy organization with which we are in the process of becoming affiliated, has taken up the cause too.

We’ll let Stand for Children take over from here:

The looming FY 2009 cuts (another $1 billion on top of the $1 billion in earlier cuts), and the dismal picture for FY 2010 budgets, put our cities and towns in full crisis mode. They are facing devastating choices to balance their budgets. Teacher layoffs, closings, the elimination of hard-won programs – there’s too much at stake.

We need to provide cities and towns with the tools both to raise new revenues locally and to control budget-busters like health benefits so we can save teaching positions. But these measures alone won’t be enough. Protecting public education will require new state revenues. Whether it’s the Readiness Finance Commission’s recommendation of a penny increase in the sales tax, or changes to the state income tax – everything should be on the table.

There are two things you can do right now to help kids and protect public education:

  1. Send an email to Governor Patrick and to your legislators urging them to provide the tools and the revenues to protect classrooms and curriculum. It only takes a minute.
  2. Register for Stand’s statewide education summit on January 24th, where you’ll hear how we can work together to keep our commitment to kids during this economic crisis.

Several of us are attending Stand’s education summit next weekend, but we could use more attendees.

Please consider coming to all or part of this worthwhile event. It’s educational and surprisingly uplifting to meet people from towns across Massachusetts with the same concerns and challenges that we have.

If you can’t make it, please at least take the moment to click on the link and email Deval Patrick.

As always, thanks for paying attention.

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