Please attend tonight’s School Committee workshop (7 PM, Buker Multi-purpose room). The focus of the presentation is the SPED (Special Education) Budget, Curriculum & Technology Budgets, Capital and Maintenance. At the end of the meeting there will be an opportunity for those who wish to ask questions and make comments.

Our elected officials notice attendance at these meetings — they see it as a bellwether of the level of community interest in the schools. So let’s send the right message and get ourselves out to these budget presentations. The meetings are also televised by local cable access channel 10.


P.S. Here’s how yesterday’s vote went down (from today’s Boston Globe):

Both the House and the Senate granted the Governor’s request for 9C powers, a move that is expected to trigger cuts throughout state government and a major reduction in the $5.3 billion the state distributes to cities and towns. Patrick now must use a variety of formulas to figure out how to cut the state funding to cities and towns, and some lawmakers were speculating he would cut up to $500 million.

One consideration is whether he will make an effort to cut funds more heavily for wealthy communities to preserve funding for poorer areas.

We will keep you posted on next steps to try and protect our school funding as much as possible. Thanks for all you’re doing.

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