Did you know?

In addition to the school committee, several bodies within Hamilton and Wenham town government impact the quality of the education in our community. As advocates for quality public education, it is important to understand the town and school budget decision-making process, express our opinions to the relevant boards and committees, and do so at crucial times. Now is a crucial time!

The budget decisions of Finance and Advisory Committees (FinComs) in each of our towns have a large impact on quality of education. How?

  • The FinCom works with town officials to determine the town’s operating budget including the amount of funding for our schools.
  • Based on the funding provided in each town’s operating budget, the School Committee must either make cuts or place programs on an override.

Last year the towns’ contribution to the schools was historically low.

In February, the Wenham and Hamilton FinComs will inform the School Committee of the town’s contribution to the schools for this year. Please attend the upcoming FinCom meetings in your town to learn more about this process. While these meetings are open, there is not typically an opportunity for public input. However, questions/comments can be submitted to the chair of the committee via e-mail or telephone.

The next Fincom meetings scheduled are:

  • Hamilton, Monday, January 12th at 7 p.m. (Hamilton Town Hall).
  • Wenham, Wednesday, January 14th at 6 p.m. (Wenham Town Hall).

And be sure to attend Hamilton’s FinCom meeting on Friday, January 23rd at 7 p.m. (Hamilton Town Hall) where there will be discussion/decision of the share of the levy limit to be given to the schools. (We will let you know about Wenham as that date becomes available.)

Additioinal meeting dates can be found on the calendar posted on each towns’ web site at www.hamiltonma.gov and www.wenhamma.gov.

Please…get involved and have our voices be heard.

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