H-W State Aid in Danger?

SOS urges you to vote “No” on Question 1, the Nov. 4 ballot question that would eliminate the state income tax. Times are hard enough, and eliminating the state income tax will make things worse by wiping out more than $12 billion in revenue, or nearly 40 percent of the state budget.

Question One will have drastic consequences if it passes:

  • Our school district will lose crucial state aid.  Last year, we received over $4 million in state aid.
  • Libraries, parks, programs for seniors, health care, environmental protection, road repair – virtually all services provided by our local and state governments would be hit hard.
  • Property taxes would have to increase sharply in order to maintain services. 
  • State funding could be slashed by up to 65 percent for state colleges, community colleges and the University of Massachusetts. 

Click here (http://votenoquestion1.com) to see how communities could be affected, and check out the growing list of civic, business, community and labor organizations opposed to Question 1.

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