On Monday, October 27, at 7:30 pm at the High School Auditorium during a Special Town Meeting Hamilton citizens will be asked to vote on a Citizen’s Petition that would limit real estate taxes for seniors 65 and older.

In the Citizen’s Petition, if the combined total income of the property owner(s) and their spouses does not exceed $80,000 and at least one of the owners is age 65 or more, they would be able to request a cap on their real estate taxes equal to 10% to 15% (the specific percentage determined by the Town) of their combined total income.Click to review the warrant article.

Both the Hamilton Finance Committee and the Hamilton Board of Selectmen are in favor of finding a way to help seniors with their real estate tax obligations. But there is concern that the Citizen’s Petition does not include an asset test (which is considered important in determining the ability of seniors to pay their real estate tax) and the income test is high. Any such proposal also must be approved by the state legislature.

We encourage you to attend Town Meeting on Monday where the Hamilton Board of Selectmen and Finance Committee will both review the impact of this proposal on the town and school finances.

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