As we hope you’re aware, Support Our Schools (SOS) has been working hard for a long time now to get the Commonwealth to funnel more of our tax money back to our own towns and school system.

That’s why we’re excited that State Rep. Brad Hill and Senator Bruce Tarr are inviting all citizens to a multi-town forum on school funding, looking particularly at the “Chapter 70” formula, which currently favors urban districts at the expense of towns like ours.

The meeting will be Thursday, Sept. 25, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Ipswich Performing Arts Center (at the Ipswich High School).

Please come to learn how you can help send the region-wide message that we need a fairer system.

P.S. Have you heard? Boston Magazine’s School Issue is out which placed HWRHS in the top 25 percent of Boston area schools that “are performing well…while operating efficiently.”

Click to view the full set of articles at Boston Magazine
Click to view chart at Boston Magazine

Click to download the chart as a spreadsheet

Return here soon for a more in-depth comparison with other schools in our region.

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