Enough is Enough has requested a recount of the Hamilton vote on the school override. That recount will take place on June 6 at 9:00 A.M at Hamilton town hall. We do not expect Hamilton’s original “Yes” vote on the school override to change at the recount.

The Town Moderator, Bruce Ramsey, and Jane Wetson, the town clerk, will moderate the recount. We will have SOS members there to observe and EIE members will observe, as well.

Ballots will be put through a machine to be recounted. If the machine cannot determine the vote, then tellers will examine the ballot to determine the voter’s intent. If the tellers cannot determine the intent of an individual vote and the observers disagree with each other about the intent, a board of registrars will make the final decision on each vote.

Again, we don’t expect the result to change at recount. We’ll send out another e-mail to let you know the recount results. Stay tuned.

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