Thanks for sticking with us through this whole legislative process. We’re getting closer, but we do have yet another 90-second favor to ask of you today.

Click here ( to go to Stand for Children’s web site, which will help you email Brad Hill and Bruce Tarr.

Here are the details:

The Senate has voted to close corporate loopholes, opted for a smaller corporate tax cut than the House, and rejected a House amendment that would create new loopholes.

That’s all potentially good news for cities and towns. This Senate version will generate up to $297 million in new revenues in 2008 and $169 million annually after full phase-in, and we’re hopeful that at least some of that money will flow back to Hamilton and Wenham.

Now it is up to a six-member Conference Committee to work out the differences and create the final legislation.

If this is something you support, click here ( to email Brad Hill and Bruce Tarr and tell them you want the Conference Committee to approve a final tax bill that will bring the most revenue back to cities and towns.

It’s quick and easy.

Thanks for staying in the game! Isn’t politics fun?

Tracy Mayor
Charlotte Lidrbauch
SOS lobbying subcommittee

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