Important amendments are in the Senate right now — will you send an email?

Can you take 90 seconds out of your morning to send a quick email to Senator Tarr?

Stand for Children has alerted us that several budget amendments we have been tracking all year are up for consideration today, Tuesday May 20th.

In particular, we have high hopes for Amendment 485, which will increase funding for Special Education out-of-district transportation. This could bring some desperately needed funds back to our towns.

Also, please consider asking Senator Tarr to support the Education Adequacy Study. This will help all school districts determine what constitutes an adequate public education in 2008.

To send the message to Senator Tarr that you support these amendments, please click here to go to Stand for Children’s web site and follow their directions. It’s fast and easy!

Thanks for staying committed with us.

Tracy Mayor

Charlotte Lidrbauch

SOS lobbying subcommittee

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