We have come so far!

Yes, the override passed town meetings in both Hamilton and Wenham. Yes, we had record turnout – 466 for the Wenham Town Meeting, an astounding 915 for the Hamilton Town Meeting on Monday and and 459 hardy Hamilton souls who returned for the second night of town meeting. Yes, people understand the revenue crisis facing our schools.

But we are not there yet!

We are only just beginning the real work of getting out the vote. Even if every person who voted for the override at town meeting voted again at the ballot, we might not have enough votes to pass the override. We need every registered voter in your household to vote. We need everyone in your school, everyone in your neighborhood, every college-age student, every absentee ballot.

Information on how to vote absentee ballot

Absentee voting is so easy that there is no reason for anyone to miss voting because they weren’t in town that day.

  • Go to the Town Hall and vote over the counter by filling out an absentee ballot application form (which is necessary to do in order to get the absentee ballot) and then vote, right then and there!
    • Wenham Town Hall hours – Monday 9 – 4:30 pm, Tuesday 9 – 7:00 pm, Wednesday 9 – 4:30 pm, Thursday 9- 4:30 pm, Friday 9 – 1 pm
    • Hamilton Town Hall hours – Monday 8 – 7:00 pm, Tuesday 8 – 4:30 pm, Wednesday 8 – 4:30 pm, Thursday 8 – 4:30 pm, Friday 8 – 12 pm
  • OR click here to download the Absentee Ballot Application Form, fill it out and send it in to Town Hall (As soon as possible- they need to have the turnaround time to mail the ballot out to you and for you to return it back to the Town Hall by Thursday May 15th!) – they will then send an absentee form to your home where you can vote and you send it back (or better yet, it can be dropped off) to the Town Hall.

If you have any questions, email Nancy Hughes at [email protected]. Since there has been some confusion, please know that even if you weren’t at Town Meeting, you can still vote on May 15 (and should!)

Vote next Thursday, May 15. Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Wenham: Buker School
Hamilton: Winthrop School

Please get in touch with anyone you know who frequently travels or has the potential not to be available on the 15th to vote. Get them the form, get them to drop it off

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