Town Meeting Alert!

It is imperative that all school supporters in your household attend Town Meeting from beginning to end. It is possible that a motion may be made to:

  • lower the actual dollar amount of the School Override.
  • have silent ballots and/or recounts.
  • change the order of the articles as listed in the warrant book.
  • reconsider the override after a positive vote.

PLEASE stay for the entire meeting.

Wenham: Saturday, May 3rd 1:00 PM Buker Elementary School

Hamilton: Monday, May 5th (and most likely May 6th ) 7:30 PM Hamilton Wenham Regional High School Auditorium

Enlist your Hamilton or Wenham friends to help with childcare so both spouses can attend Town Meeting. We will need every vote to make certain the Override makes it onto the May 15 ballot!

Thank you all for your continued Support!


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