We have cut positions every year for the past five years, eliminating over 75 staff positions – the majority of which have been teachers but has also included administrators, secretaries, custodians, and nurses. Last year alone 17.5 positions were eliminated. The result is class sizes at all levels that already exceed district policy based on bench-marked best practices.

The funding for our sports programs and extracurricular activities:

In 2002, fees were $200 per sport per season, and $50 for extracurricular activities. In 2008, users pay 100% of fees after deducting any gate receipts and fundraising. Some examples of user fees (net) in 2007/8:

Sports: Football $800 ($1318 before donations/fundraising), Ice Hockey – Boys $1524, Baseball $553, Softball $451, Track & Field $325, Cheerleading Fall $271/Winter $199, Indoor Track $158, Wrestling $381,

Extracurricular: College Bowl $167, Math Team $213, Jazz Band $143, Musical $136.

Puts economic restrictions on who can participate in Youth sports and booster programs being requested to pitch-in, over burdening an already stressed infrastructure. Click to view fee schedule

The depth and breadth of our foreign language program:

French and Spanish eliminated in elementary schools, French has been eliminated in the Middle School and placed on elimination track at High School since there is no “feeder” program.

Specialist classes at the Middle School slashed:

Middle School “specialist” subjects cut by 50% since 2002, including Technology, Art, Music, Physical Education and Life Skills.

High School electives cut due to funding since 2002 include:

Speech, Technical writing, Journalism, French Civilization, Senior decisions, Physical Education electives, Probability and Statistics, Desktop Publishing, Web Design, CAD (Computer Aided Design), Accounting, Discrete Math.

The FY09 Override does not restore these programs.

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