SOS did not come together just to pass overrides. SOS formed to find long-term solutions to our budget crisis. Here are some of the things that SOS has been up to:

  • SOS has formed a subcommittee to explore ways to generate revenue and cut costs.
  • In the next two weeks alone, SOS’s lobbying subcommittee is joining School Committee members, the Superintendent and town selectman at three different events to lobby our state legislature for more money.
  • SOS is exploring other ideas, including ways to use volunteers more effectively in our schools, various means to reduce pension costs and conducting energy audits to save on fuel costs.
  • SOS volunteers have begun a comparative analysis of our district with other similarly sized suburban schools to identify any possible cost savings.
  • Volunteers are also exploring the issue of suing the state to rebalance the Chapter 70 formula to make the state’s allocation more equitable for suburban towns.

SOS has worked hard to educate people about the reasons for our budget woes. We will continue long after Override season and throughout the year to keep you informed, we will continue to ask you to attend the numerous School Committee meetings, Town and School Finance Committee meetings, and Selectmen meetings, and to work with us for long-term solutions to our school funding problems.

If the override fails, we will see serious consequences for every school in the district.

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