Dear SOS members, school supporters and especially Wenham residents,

We need your help right now, in the next few hours. Our e-mails are having an impact, but we need to act now.

We have learned that the two towns’ Finance Committees are deciding right now, in the next 48 hours, how much money they plan to allocate to our school budget this year. The Wenham FinCom has agreed to a very low percent increase over last year’s allocation.

Hamilton is willing to contribute more, but under the regional school district plan, the two towns must agree.

That means if Wenham’s figure remains low, so does Hamilton’s, and our school budget suffers doubly.

These are very difficult times fiscal times for Wenham — the town is carrying other expenses related to the town hall, and the number of students enrolled in the school system has increased, which strains the budget — but still we are hopeful they can up their contribution.

If our override does not pass, this will be the only money we have to run our schools next year.

We are asking for two things:

  1. Please take a moment to send an email to the group below. We have included a suggested letter (though it’s always more effective if you use your own words!). Do this now.
  2. Please be prepared to attend a meeting of the Hamilton and Wenham FinComs on Saturday morning. We believe this key meeting is going to happen Saturday morning and are actively trying to find out the time and location. We will post this information to the SOS website ( when we find out.

Use the following links to to send your e-mail to the Wenham Finance Committee, it will reach: Susan Mehlin, Steve Fischer, Brett McKechnie , Tom Kyrouz, Jack Wilhelm (Chairpman).

Please cc your e-mail to: John Clemenzi, Peter Hersee, Lawrence Swartz (Wenham Selectman), Richard Boroff (School Committee Chairman), and Arthur Oberheim (Hamilton Finance Committee Chairman) by clicking on the following links:

Remember to add your name, address and town.

Thank you for your continued support in this very sensitive time of the budget process,

Support Our Schools

Sample e-mail:

Dear Wenham Fincom members Chairman Wilhem, Mr. Fischer, Mr. Kyrouz, Mr. McKechnie and Mrs. Mehlin,Please reconsider the amount allocated to the Regional School District within Wenham’s Article 2 Budget. I understand the difficult budgeting exercise underway, and that department requests far exceed Wenham’s revenue. I also recognize the need for each department to receive adequate funding. However, the schools have endured 5 successive years reductions in service and we are at a breaking point.If the school budget override does not pass, the regional school district will be left solely with the funding provided within each town’s levy limit. With this in mind I believe it is important to stretch ourselves and fund the maximum dollars fiscally feasible within Article 2.Our Regional School District is a unique “department” with a unique set of circumstances. No other town department has suffered the decrease of services that our regional school district has endured.

  • Our district’s standards have been on a downward spiral for 5 years due to budget cuts.
  • Our class sizes have already been increased to maximum capacity.
  • School district staff has been reduced by 75+ positions leaving no further room to cut.
  • Our High School’s accreditation is at risk.

For these reasons, and many more, I ask you to please increase the amount allocated to the Regional School District within Article 2.

Thank you for the countless hours of service each of you volunteers to arrive at a balanced budget.

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